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News - April 4th , 2011

Alison (Founder of QR Meet Up) has started a 30 day challenge to see how she can live with the least amount of impact on the planet and with zero waste. Film crews will document the day-to-day activities, show tips and tricks for saving mother earth and reveal the staggering fact that we need to start doing something fast or we’re going to end up buried in garbage.

QR Meet Up Website

March 9th , 2011

On April 1st, Alison Richards will embark on a 30 day Zero Waste Challenge. A documentary crew will cover the day to day activities and will reveal the results at World premiere during Projecting Change Film Festival May 26th - 29th in Vancouver Canada.


January 17th , 2011

Film Co-Op's creator, Alison Richards will participate in live-to-web interview with Lol@ on January 29th at noon PST (3pm EST)

Watch live on NoniTV


August 10th , 2010

Bridging the educational divide.

Film Co-Op is collaborating with both the public and private sector to Connect, Converge & Create a knowledge economy in South Africa. The initiative encompasses an extensive offering of services which will cultivate the youth and grow sustainable technologically based industries.


June 1st , 2010

Film Co-Op Announces 2 new feature films for 2010

A Canada/South Africa Co Productions - Suspense drama (to be shot in South Africa)
and a new multi-media Push Pull Edutainment property to run as
an ongoing project with producer Alison Richards.


October 15th , 2009

28th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival

Alison Richards was in her hometown of Vancouver British Columbia for the 28th Annual VIFF.

Shown here at the Opening night Gala with
Director Vic Sarin of A Shine of Rainbows

*Next festival up is Dubai International Film Festival December 9-16th, 2009.

July 29th , 2009

The 63rd Edinburgh International Film Festival

Alison Richards enjoyed an amazing festival that featured beautifully crafted local films such as Dabhand Films, romantic drama, Running in Traffic.

Shown here with writer, producer and star of Running in Traffic, Bryan Larkin

Feature Film, released June 1st, 2010
Feature Film - Bare Knuckles
Over +10,000 illegal downloads of this film from cult following worldwide. Please support the filmmakers by renting or purchasing your copy today.

March 8th, 2009

Assisting with the creation of Women in Film & Television for MENA

Women in Film and Television Dubai

Celebrating Creative Women
International Women's Day
March 8th, 2009

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