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Where brutality and elegance mix
with high stakes and deception

No Fear

No Mercy

No Gloves

Synopsis: Cocktail waitress and single mother Samantha Rogers (Jeanette Roxborough) will do whatever it takes to provide for her daughter. And her one chance at security comes when down-and-out fight promoter Sonny Cool (Martin Kove, Karate Kid) introduces Sam to the dangerous and illegal world of high-stakes all-female bare knuckle fighting. She’ll face the fight of her life when she climbs into the ring where there is no room for weakness and no mercy for the loser. Inspired by a true story, this tale of guts and determination is a guaranteed knockout.

Cast: Martin Kove, Jeanette Roxborough, Chris Mulkey

Director(s): Eric Etebari

Language: English

Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Drama, Based on True Story, Feature Film, Fighting, MMA/Mixed Martial Arts


Eric IMDb
an Eric Etebari film
Born and raised in an artist complex in Hollywood, Etebari has been active in film and television as an actor, producer, writer and director. Participating and leading in every step of development and production for Bare Knuckles, Eric's clear vision for the film fueled by his dedication and enthusiasm ensure delivery of an exciting, action packed drama.

introducing Jeanette Roxborough as Samantha

An accomplished martial artist with a third degree black belt in shotokan karate, she attained success at the national level before deciding to pursue her passion; a career as a professional actor. Jeanette balances a demanding occupation with her most important real life role, mother to Teya. In Bare Knuckles we are given a glimpse into the battles and challenges that a single parent faces to support and care for a child.
Marty IMDb
starring Martin Kove as Sonny Cool
New York born, strong featured, narrow eyed and often untrustworthy looking actor. His greatest role was in the hugely successful The Karate Kid series in which he played "John Kreese", the brutal head instructor of the Cobra Kai karate school. Kove has since kept consistently busy, primarily in the action thriller film genre, and has notched up over 80 film appearances to date, as well as numerous TV guest roles.

Produced by
Eric Etebari
Alison Richards
Mo Grunberg
Jeff Quinlan


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