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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Catfight Report Exclusive Interview: Eric Etebari - The Director of Bare Knuckles

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Eric Etebari is no stranger to Hollywood but this is his first time producing a movie. The Catfight Report was quite interested in talking to this gentleman because he is covering a subject that is very near and dear to all of us.

Female Fighting. :)

Eric was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions we whipped up for him. We were extremely impressed with his answers and this is a guy to keep tabs on in the near future and you can read why below.

1. Where did the idea for the movie Bare Knuckles come from?

Eric Etebari: I believe the original writer was inspired when he saw two girls going at it in a catfight in his neighborhood. He was so taken by how tough, brave and hot these chicks were and they weren't just pulling hair. I took the script and rewrote it. I was inspired by a true story about an amazing woman I know (Jeanette Roxobrough) that has defied the odds and has done what ever it takes to help her daughter walk. Even if it means tying up her hair, kicking off her high heels, and opening a can of whip ass!

2. It is often lamented in the catfight community that many of the Hollywood directors "don't get it". Many times when female combat takes place........a man always runs in and breaks it up. Not to mention, the choreography sometimes is questionable, and the action often looks faked or staged. The Catfight Report gets the feeling this won't be the case in Bare Knuckles. Can you elaborate?

Eric Etebari: No guys butting in on this film. They are all on the sideline smelling the roses as the chicks kick ass! I used nothing but stunt women so I wouldn't have to worry about any wimpy actresses breaking their nails and complaining about their hair. We shot so fast.............I needed girls that knew how to fight..... and were not afraid to get down and dirty! This Director.........“gets it!”

3. What is the Bare Knuckles story all about?

Women will go to extreme lengths for those they love and single mother Samantha Rogers is no exception. With her seven year old daughter Milla, in need of special care, Sam struggles to make ends meet, taking her licks as a stunt woman by day and waitressing at a rowdy country bar at night.

When Sam uses her skills to avoid a bar fight between two drunk women, down and out fight promoter Sonny Cool (Karate kid’s Martin Kove) sees an opportunity to get back into "The Show" a high class, but highly illegal all female Bare Knuckle fight tournament, where brutality and elegance mix with high stakes and deception.

To provide for her family, Samantha is forced into taking Sonny's offer. Is the price too much for her...? “Bare Knuckles”.....................a knockout punch of strength and determination inspired by a true story.

4. Be honest with us. Was this Bare Knuckles production more about telling a story......or was it more about giving us hot blooded males and females one of our favorite life pleasures? (2 women going one on one) :)

Eric Etebari: It was both. The true story element gave me the confidence to get behind such a remarkable family (Jeanette and her daughter Teya) and tell this story. But I have to admit..... I might make female fight films for the rest of my life! Who could ask for anything more! Girls, girls, and more girls all shapes, colors and sizes. I love them all......

5. What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced producing this film?

Eric Etebari: Besides having never directed a film and getting investors to give me a shot as a first time Director it was talking people into seeing and believing that this is a growing sport and trend. Women can be sexy and tough........ or better yet........... very sexy and very tough! Hello, they just added Female boxing to the 2012 Olympics in Brazil. I can’t wait to go!!!

6. Are you a fan of catfights or female combat yourself? If so, explain your preferences.

Eric Etebari: Catfights. They are way more hands on and way sexier. Hair and sweat going all over the place, clothes being ripped off, and, and, and, and...........oops...........did i just say that?

7. The female combat - female wrestling - catfight community is looking for a friend in Hollywood to give us a reason to keep going to the theater. Would you be interested in doing more films like this if the catfight community came out in droves? What other ideas do you have in the works?

Eric Etebari: Bare Knuckles #2 “Black Gold”. Boy, the ideas i have for this one! I’m going to take it to another level. The female version of 300. I’m going to add elements of water, wind and mud. Yes, that’s what I said! Move on over male Gladiators and Rambo’s..... you bore me. Look out for the new girls in town! :)

8. Who do you think would win in a real life fight between Bridgett "Baby Doll" Riley (Mona) and Jeanette Roxborough (Samantha)?

Eric Etebari: That’s a fixed question! Your going to get my butt kicked by one of them if I answer that . You’ll have to see the movie and decide for yourself. :)

9. When is Bare Knuckles set to be released and where can people view it?

We just landed a foreign distribution deal with Curb Ent and are in negotiations for domestic theatrical release. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for that theatrical release. That would wake Hollywood up to what’s going on!

10. Please list all the places fans can learn about Bare Knuckles on the internet and please close with any neat or interesting stories or anything you want to finish off with.

Eric Etebari: Right now you can view the cast and some info on we should have some more info soon.

I have two things I would like to share. First we had Jeanette’s real daughter (Teya) play the role of Jeanette's daughter in the film. The kid was great......but at some point someone must have got to her because at 10 years old in her first role she was insisting we shoot only two takes.

I wasn’t going to argue with a mother's child. No Way! She was great and stole the show when her scenes come up. The other one was when we where shooting the final fight at the famous Castle Kashan in Malibu.

All of a sudden Anthony Hopkins shows up. That’s right Anthony Hopkins!

The whole place is buzzing, everyone is taking his picture, and talking to him. My mother, Jean Ferro, who was the photographer on the film started to talk to him. Before i knew it...... she said he would like to be in the film. Wow!

So everyone started coming up to me saying Anthony Hopkins wants to be in the film. I think I went into shock because I started asking for things we did not have. I was like.......... “bring in the helicopter for the aerial shot!”

My aid said........... Eric there is no helicopter! Oh. :)

I then said.......... “bring in the 40ft crane, I need to get this shot! “

He again replied............. we don’t have a 40 foot crane!

He then pulled me aside and told me to take a deep breath and then get back to my scenes. I truly believed for a moment I was on a multimillion dollar set with Anthony Hopkins. I guess you could call me a day dreamer. Once i gathered myself I walked over and introduced myself to him He was very kind and very curious. He seemed very interested in this topic of girls in the ring.

I walked him around the castle away from all the crew and explained the story to him. He then said... let’s shoot a scene. I said...... I don’t have a helicopter or 40ft crane. He laughed and said......well...... you have a camera don’t you? Oh yes I do!

Anthony Hopkins walked in and do an improv during a scene we were shooting. He was great! He lifted all of our spirits and gave us great enthusiasms to get through the rest of the shoot. It could be one of the greatest experiences I have had on set! Believe it or not the scene did not make the cut but will be added it to the behind the scenes extra’s footage. I do have plans tp put him in Bare Knuckles #2.

The one thing i learned on this film is “Anything is possible if you truly believe in it”.

Thank you Eric Etebari!

Catfight Fans!
This is our opportunity! Chances are Bare Knuckles will be playing at the theater soon. We need to get out and make a symbolic showing here. We can show Hollywood that not only are we female fighting fans "out there"..........but we number in the millions! The best way to keep up on this project is to join Eric on Myspace and Facebook on the Bare Knuckles pages.

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Malibu Castle Kashan - on location
The producers, cast, crew and supporters of Bare Knuckles extend their deepest regret at the loss suffered by Lily Lawrence who so graciously invited us to shoot our grand finale at her castle in Malibu. The property was destroyed by fire and Lily lost countless irreplaceable items including artwork, historical artifacts, family heirlooms and her home. We are grateful for having had the opportunity to feature the castle in our film and are saddened by the senseless destruction of property. We are blessed to have been given the chance to work in such a beautiful environment.